Cockpit Arts Timeline


Camden Recycling creates small ‘starter’ units at Cockpit Yard for young unemployed people starting up a craft business.


Taken over by Christopher Baggott, Cockpit expands into a community of 20 workshops under the banner of Cockpit Studios. One of the first to introduce ‘Open Studios’ events.


Cockpit Arts is formally incorporated and becomes a registered charity


The organisation expands into a hub of 100 designer-makers


Vanessa Swann is appointed as Chief Executive. The Deptford premises opens – accommodating a further 65 designer-makers


A programme of professional development workshops is introduced.


A business incubator model is introduced.


Sees the first of a series of high profile site-specific installations by Cockpit Arts designer-makers – these include The Great Eastern Hotel, The Shop at Bluebird and Canary Wharf Window Showcase.


The professional development workshops are opened out to creative-businesses operating outside Cockpit Arts, reaching a further 300 designer makers each year.


Research findings exploring business activity & performance in the craft sector are released.


Cockpit Arts’ Maker Difference campaign generates over 12,000 supporters for designer-makers. Cockpit designer-makers report an average 158% increase in profit.


Making It is launched with an Online Resource & Tool Kit. Cockpit Arts becomes a fully fledged Social Enterprise and Chief Executive, Vanessa Swann is awarded the Arts & Business Garrett Award for outstanding achievement in the encouragement of business support for the arts.


Exciting celebrations for 25th Birthday with celebrity guests and a new Consultancy Service which grabs global interest. The Prince’s Trust partners our Creative Careers programme.


Made in London, Loved Worldwide campaign celebrates a report highlighting that 57% of Cockpit Arts designer-makers are now exporting their work, compared to only 30% nationally.


A record 24 Awards and Bursaries awarded in the year, including the new Cockpit Arts Setting up Bursaries offered to those starting out in a craft career.


This year Cockpit Arts is rolling out a pilot Creative Employment Programme supporting 22 designer-makers to create 12 new jobs.  5 new studios have been added to the Deptford incubator so we can now accommodate a total of 170 business across both sites.